The Villa Print Series – Massimo Colonna


Villa Roma_TCH

In this ‘Villa Series’ commissioned exclusively for The Cool Hunter, digital artist Massimo Colonna draws inspiration from the architectural styles of the Italian peninsular through the ages as he reimagines his successful ‘Pool Series’ from early 2019. ‘The Villa’ collection of digital pieces again features the pool as the ultimate symbol of luxury, wealth and status, however this time they are auxiliary embellishments set against the impressive backdrop of grand architectural follies.



These imagined structures, with their repeated colonnades, arches, and statuary niches, reference the architectural motifs of the classical and renaissance eras but do so with a distinctly modern interpretation in their simplicity of form, symmetry and colour palette. Softly illuminated and set in a serene landscape of gently rolling green and fallow fields, each piece strives to achieve the Palladian-like ideal of calm self-assuredness with their harmonious proportions.


Prints available exclusively from our online store 

Villa Veneto_TCH1

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