The Pool Collection Prints – Massimo Colonna


In his latest works, designed exclusively for The Cool Hunter, digital artist Massimo Colonna revisits the classic smooth lines and architectural design elements featured in his ‘Gravity’ series.

‘The Pool’ collection is reminiscent of the chic poolside glamour so brilliantly captured by the legendary photographer Slim Aarons from the 50s through to the 80s. However, unlike Slim’s famous images featuring attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places, Massimo depopulates his compositions, they’re stripped of the elegant bikini-clad socialites to be found in Slim’s work and all we’re left with is the attractive location of the pool itself.


Each image features a floating inflatable artifact, indicating people were once present, but are now no longer, imparting a feeling of transience. Without people to inhabit and animate the space, we’re left to appreciate the interplay of light and shadow, the sharp structural lines and block-coloured surfaces create an attractive if an almost abstract scene in its own right.


Available exclusively from TCH store 



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