New Ted Pim Flower Paintings


We have had the pleasure of representing the work of Northern Irish artist Ted Pim exclusively for over a year, and in that time, we have already introduced three series of paintings.


We are now excited to introduce his fourth series of darkly dramatic canvases. The new collection includes 13 large paintings (112cm x 80cm) and 13 small paintings (50cm x 50cm framed).


The tone of Pim’s arresting art remains the same: mysterious dark and secretive. Yet the more you stare at these paintings – and it is very difficult to take your eyes off them – the more depth and different interpretations they evoke.


Yes, there is that slightly sinister, mysteriously aggressive feel. But there is also a richness, a Frida Kahlo-ish madness for life, an extravagant swish of a dramatic flamenco dress, a meticulous Russian drawing on black wood.


And then there is sadness, loss and weeping. Flowers giving up their life, disintegrating into nothingness, becoming a messy blur.

But perhaps above all – after a long acquaintance with one of Pim’s paintings, you will identify sheer beauty. In each flower, dramatically lit, there is magic.


There is the delight of the image itself , but also the wonder of the artist’s talent and his ability to involve the viewer.

You can find out more about Pim’s background and sources of inspiration here.


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