The Cool Hunter Launches CJ Hendry’s Solo Exhibition Debut in New York


No matter how many images you see of the breathtakingly detailed, hand-drawn original art of CJ Hendry, you are still not getting the full effect of the incredible amount of work and precision it takes her to create each piece.


The selection of the iconic pieces to feature, and in the case of this latest Trophy Series, the dipping of the pieces in liquid bronze, then the lighting, the photography and, finally, the painstaking hours of pen-work can start.


This is why The Cool Hunter, as the exclusive representative of C.J. Hendry, has presented hugely successful solo shows of her work in the past two years in Sydney, Melbourne and Miami. The art is stunning in pictures but truly unbelievable in real life. Each show has sold out all of the exhibited pieces, most of them prior to the opening date.


This time, we are presenting her latest, the Trophy Series in her first show in Soho New York, her current city of residence. The show is open until November 20th, at 70 Greene street from 11 am to 7 pm.


Read more about the Trophy Series here.

Read all about CJ Hendry, her work and her earlier exhibitions here.


CJ Hendry – The Trophy Room
79 Greene St
Soho, New York
11am till 7pm
Until 20th Nov, 2016 

Interested buyers get in touch. (CJ Hendry is exclusively represented by thecoolhunter)


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