White Horse Print – Petros Koublis


The image of the horse holds a unique position in the human psyche. In art, it has long been depicted as an icon of civilization, spanning from the earliest cave paintings to the anatomical scrutiny of the Renaissance. In centuries past we relied on the horse for all aspects of human activity; farming, transportation, war, religion, exploration, and as a consequence of this relationship we’ve developed a particular affinity for this beloved creature. With its inherent gracefulness, intelligence, speed, resilience and courage, the horse embodies all the noblest qualities we wish to assign to ourselves.


In this image by Greek photographer Petros Koublis, we see a brief glimpse of the inner world of this magnificent animal. In this dream-like composition, there is an almost knowing playfulness captured in the subject’s expression which naturally elicits a smile in response from the viewer, as if seeing an old friend approach after a long absence.


Print available here 

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