The Wet Kiss – Marius Sperlich


Red parted lips, opalescent teeth and partly closed eyes may at first suggest an erotic encounter in this latest piece by German based photographer Marius Sperlich. We’re left feeling slightly uneasy, maybe a little embarrassed, as if our secret voyeurism has been discovered.


The shimmering beads of water and condensation create a screen separating the viewer from the subject, her features pressed against the glass also emphasise a physical barrier between us and what is unseen and therefore an unknowable situation. Suddenly the ambiguity of this image becomes apparent and the viewer is left to cast their own impression on to the work, this ultimately says more about the observer’s current state of mind than the composition itself.


These metallic prints, exclusive to the TCH store, are mounted underneath perspex for a dazzling and striking look.

A specialised process called ‘face-mounting’ is used to create a durable bond between the print and acrylic (perspex). A high quality acrylic is used to provide superior UV protection.


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