A compelling study of the colour blue. A captivating illustration of a singular moment of perfect natural light. An absorbing and enthralling investigation of the miracles of weather, sky and clouds.


This arresting image of a menacing storm cloud by Australian photographer, Will Eades is a testament to the three characteristics of a perfect nature photograph: Patience, luck and magic. All were in abundance when this moment was captured.



The image also incorporates many of the factors that create a convincing and gripping experience for the viewer. We get to participate in the moment. We are offered the opportunity to experience this instance of serendipity with many of our senses, not just sight.


The power of the image lets us hear the sounds – or the lack thereof – sense the electricity, feel the wind, smell the approaching shift in moisture. Moreover, this striking image contains all of the tension of the moment. We KNOW something is going to – something has to – happen soon. Available to purchase online here.