The Salon – Yiorgos Kaplanidis

Shot in one of Athens’ rare and uniquely neo-classical residences, ‘The Salon’ by Greek photographer Yiorgos Kaplanidis is an enchanting piece of whimsy. Framed by the ornate detailing of the surrounding rooms, the central figure stands perfectly poised, as if preparing to dive into a pool that is not present. Statuesque and facing away from the viewer, she melds perfectly into the environment, becoming a decorative element of the salon she inhabits. Yet, at the same time, she stands apart as its focal point, and from her, our gaze radiates out into the detailed periphery of the photo.
It isn’t easy to discern why precisely we find this image so beguiling. There’s an incongruity between the heroine of the piece and the setting she finds herself in, and still, at the same time, there is complete harmony in the composition, an ease in which she comports herself with the surrounding room, which lends a feeling of serenity.
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