The Mini Ad That Demands Your Attention

One of the selling points for Mini Cooper Clubman – the Mini that is roomier yet still cute — is that it has room for some luggage. The Clubman’s luggage compartment measures 9.2 cubic feet (the basic Mini has only 6 cubic feet) and has a cargo cover as standard equipment. Clubman’s split-folding back seats can be lowered to increase the cargo space to 32.8 cubic feet that will accommodate not just basic luggage but even a snowboard or baby stroller.

Art director Maximilian Pinegger and copywriter Justin Salice-Stephan, two 24-year-old’s from Miami Ad School took this feature to hart and created a cute airport luggage carousel guerrilla ad for the car and its roomy trunk. Many well-known brands and agencies support ad schools, most likely looking for indications of the next Alex Bogusky. Tuija Seipell.

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