The Cool Hunter Xmas Gift List

The Cool Hunter-curated selection of unique art and decorative pieces will solve the most difficult of gift-giving dilemmas: What to give a trend-setter or a discerning taste-maker who appreciates design and loves art.

(Stunning marble studded bookends, wireless bluetooth speakers and watches, and the best of olive oils and vinegars)

(The iconic Tom Dixon Tank Junk, marble studded vases and gold notebooks)

Of course, there is the possibility that the recipient of these gifts will end up being you as it is tough to resist buying a few pieces for your own home or office as well. Or perhaps you can discreetly point your friends and loved ones to The Cool Hunter online store – just in case they are at a loss about what to buy you this season!

Most of these pieces are available at The Cool Hunter store in Melbourne and online, and most of them can be included in the ultimate, customized corporate gift box, The Cool Box.

The distinctive brass crabs comes in 2 sizes ranging – medium and X-large.

(Cool Thierry Lasry sunglasses, Eight & Bob perfume, Nasamato perfume and the minimalist Amber Sceats Max Bracelet)

Elegant wireless bluetooth headphones, Eight & Bob perfume and necklace in store only.

Tom Dixon glasses, White and gold 24-piece cutlery set.

Valentino Uomo For Men, Clear Quartz Crystal, Tom Dixon Air candle, Skull Lip Balm

No more boring, predictable, unimpressive corporate gifts, customer thank-you presents or staff appreciation gifts.

The Cool Box launches a new generation of corporate gifts with not just the high-quality wrapper – the distinctive marble-print Box – but the contents of each of the 12 versions of The Cool Box that are desirable, cool and surprising.
We can also customize a box for your specific customers so that The Cool Box truly speaks your language and is on-brand for you. The value level can range from $200 to $1,000 or even higher, depending on your desire.

Photography: Brooke Holm

Creative Direction: Marsha Golemac


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