The Cool House 2013 – Melbourne/Sydney

The Cool House, the first ever pop-up concept created and curated by The Cool Hunter (TCH), was an unprecedented run-away success at Pacific Bondi Beach (10 days), Sydney, and at Rockeby Studios, Melbourne (4 days). See also our new online store just launched.
Close to 10,000 people attended both events. Media attention, both online and off, and the overall reaction of the public – both in person and online – was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.

To take advantage of the momentum and to realize the incredible HOUSE potential of The Cool HOUSE concept, TCH will now take this concept to the next level.
TCH will create two temporary pre-fab houses, designed by an Australian architect and an Australian interior designer – selected though an invited architecture competition – and located in yet-to-be-determined unusual and unexpected urban locations, such as a lane way in Melbourne and a spot in Surry Hills in Sydney.
Each house will be open for 3-6 months and celebrate a selection of items and their designers. The space will be personally curated by TCH, and include the most desirable and most covetable furniture and designer accessories for the home including fashion.

New global designer destination:
The Cool House will create an exciting new designer ‘destination’ and draw attention to Australian architecture and design.
The global media attention for this exclusive concept will be unprecedented in part due to the unequalled reach of blog of more than 2 million monthly readers plus other social media outlets (Instagram 225,000 followers, twitter 289,000 followers, plus 210,000 readers-strong newsletter subscribers. The partners involved in this concept will together reap the benefits of their collective marketing power.

For brands and marketing opportunities, contact Sharyn Honey Lowe at Flaunt Marketing: [email protected]

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