TCH Sticker Campaign

Time to have some offline fun with The Cool Hunter! Once again, we are aiming to create some buzz all over the world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Barcelona, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Rome, Tokyo, Toronto.

People who may not have heard about TCH yet, will find themselves Coolhunted. We will place cards at art galleries and events with inspiring visuals. We’ll slide bookmarks in certain business books in bookstores.

We’ll put stickers on magazines on magazine stands. We’ll stick them on cars that need an upgrade and on cars that already have a sense of style. Bikes, vespas and cool helmets will not be safe either.

And the most talked-about version of this stunt: In clubs, at parties, fashion week, and other events, people will find stickers on the backs of their friends — or on their own back — that say ‘OOWWWAA, aren’t you a hottie! You have been Coolhunted.’

Whenever we have done this kind of offline campaign, we see huge numbers of people find us for the first time. They talk about it on Twitter and Facebook and we love all that talk! Welcome to all those who’ve already been Coolhunted.

When it happens to you, we want to know about it! Have you discovered TCh via our stickers?

TCH Stickers designed by Fernando Volken Togni from Brazil. Pics vis Yvan Rodic & The Cobra Snake

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