Stillness Print Release – Monty Kaplan


‘Stillness’, by Berlin-based photographer Monty Kaplan (Argentina) is a solemn and contemplative piece which instills in the viewer a sense of calmness and serenity. Devoid of any solid objects serving as the central focus, light itself becomes the subject of the viewer’s gaze.


The composition is harmoniously divided between two rectangular fields of sea and sky, both only partially illuminated by daybreak, and partitioned by the dawn rays reflecting off the distant water’s surface.


Ripples catching the soft light on an otherwise still sea highlight the inky blue-blacks of the water below creating a rich and textured surface, while the complexity of the clouds above is captured in the muted colour scheme of the low-light of the early morning sun. Tonally, the two halves complement each other and serve to amplify the element which brings both forth out of invisible darkness, light itself.


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