Spicy Color Flagship Store -Seoul, Korea

Matching optional, mixing mandatory. Straight-laced or upscale are definitely not the main characteristics of the target audience of Spicy Color’s peppy and girly clothing store in Seoul, Korea.

The candy-coloured ‘fashion playground’ shop expresses the brand’s sweet and happy mantra of ‘joy.play.love.’ with a pop-art retro vibe.

Students, most likely female, will find themselves completely at home in this slightly messy, dorm-room environment with its mix-and-match, low-brow fixtures, gooey colors and ‘wastebasket’ lighting.

Everything is light-weight and mobile or moveable, making it easy to create new, unexpected displays every week. The various sections of the store have different textures and materials, tiles, brick, wood, metal, adding another dimension to the multi-function space.

The website repeats the same feel: a dated yellow typewriter, a yellow scooter, big dice, a shoe-shaped pink armchair, a retro guitar — it all reminds us of cast-offs, second-hand finds and an adventurous creative spirit.

It reflects student days of low budget and high spirits. Ice cream and yogurt, balloons, cupcakes, jellybeans – the vibe invites us to expect something yummy and bouncy, slightly indulgent and perhaps even a bit naughty.

The clothing is equally fun and colourful, and the entire brand approach is spelled out as ‘fashion is play.’ The design of the store is by local design firm m4, under the direction of Kwang-Hyun Han and Yun Young-Sub. – Tuija Seipell.

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