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As we have seen in various posts here on The Cool Hunter, footwear has become a genre of art all of its own.

Much like the how the simple need for shelter has crescendoed intosuperfluous McMansions, the shoe started out as a humble necessity: tokeep the toes out of harm’s way. Currently – as anyone who’s purchaseda pair of platform sneakers or sky-high stilettos can attest – a needfor beauty and style has far overshadowed the trivial want for comfort.

Oscar Wilde once professed, ‘One should either be a work of art, orwear a work of art’. The financially fortunate seem to agree, withwell-manicured feet peaking from artistic footwear worth their weightin rubies and diamond detail. Cobbler extraordinaire Stuart Weitzmantook this tendency to an unprecedented pinnacle with the unveiling ofhis ‘Cinderella Slippers’ which were were worn by singer Alison Kraussat the 2004 Oscars ceremony and priced at $2M.

Thankfully, the art of footwear is not limited to those ofstratospheric bank accounts. The need for fashionable shoe has crossedall social boundaries. Collecting retro-style sneakers to high-enddesigner fashion heels, shoe sales are a major part of theinternational fashion market and a serious indicator of status and subculture.

Naturally, the shoe store has evolved, side-by-side, into an equallystylish hub of modern fashion. No matter if you’re talking about a pairJimmy Choo wedges (a must on the streets of Manhattan) or a rarecollectable pair of original 1972 Adidas sneakers — there is acarefully manicured storeroom and market-analyzed price tag for each.

So what’s your favorite shoe store? We’re asking our readers to tell usabout the most unique shoe store in their part of the world for afeature that will appear in magazine print.

We want to see stores that feature the most original display andmerchandising techniques out there.

From sneaker shops to high-enddepartment stores to exclusive boutiques, if you know of a greatcandidate then send us an e-mail, [email protected]

Of course, those with the best tip have a chance of winning a pair of Evisu sneakers.

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