PUBLIC Hall, Co-working Space, Westminster, London, UK


Coworking spaces have grown up. Gone are the stereotypical – and therefore utterly boring – beanbag, pool table and cereal bar infested startup hubs and in their place, we are starting to see some real variety, elegance and grown-up working environments.


Many coworking spaces now offer startups and other entrepreneurs learning opportunities, entrepreneurial and personal assistance and resources and recreational options. They are also social clubs, becoming in essence a current version of the gentlemen’s club where those were excluded who didn’t qualify, where important introductions and connections were made, lessons learned, information passed on and good times had.


In London, Huckletree has created its fifth London co-working space for 250 members. This one is focused specifically on GovTech, bringing together a community of startups, investors and innovators transforming public services. It is called PUBLIC Hall and it was created in partnership with a leading GovTech venture firm PUBLIC that is also behind the annual GovTech Summit taking place this year in Paris on November 14th.


We love that the designers at London-based Sella Concept have retained the grandeur of the French renaissance-inspired, Grade II heritage-listed building that was built in 1884 in Westminster. The 2,000 square metre (21,527 sq. ft) space carries the ornate ceiling moulding, wood flooring, chandeliers and plush furniture as if everything had always been that way, yet it all feels modern and classy.



The elegant “old” muted greens and blues on the walls contrast perfectly with the white ceilings and wooden floors and give definition to each space. The wall colour gets more intense in the basement where the checkered black-and-white floor ads period-appropriate pop while giving a nod to the Huckletree black-and-white design aesthetic. Tuija Seipell.


Photography: Genevieve Lutkin

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