Pontificial Lateral University Library – Italy

Libraries aren’t generally known for amazing architecture but this incredible one in Italy has us dying to get there amongst the books.Pictured below, it’s actually an extension on the existing library at the Pontificial Lateran University, which houses new reading rooms and an Auditorium. The incredibly stylish space was designed by Rome firmKing Roselli, who took totally fresh approach to the project by employing features not usually seen in these types of spaces, such as a curved ceiling, angular stair-casing and vast glass panelling.

The university holds an outstanding collection of books numberingaround 600,000 volumes, some of which date back to the 16th century,whose subjects for the most part coincide with the principal academiccourses: philosophy, theology and law. The bulk of them are nowdeposited in the newly restored compartmentalised underground vaultsequipped with an adequate fire extinguisher system and humidity andtemperature control. Learning has never been so glamorous. By Laura Demasi

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