Photographer – Robert Jaso

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What do you do after becoming one of France’s highest-paid malemodels? You become a fashion photographer, of course. Or that’s what Robert Jaso did, anyways, and by looking at the fruits of his work, we think his change of career was a wise choice.

The Slovakia-born Jaso who moved to France with his family at theage of five and fell into the fashion world by accident when he wasspotted by a booker This started a successful 10-year stint in front ofthe cameras. A decade is a quite some time for a model, so when Jasowas looking for a change and something with more longevity, photographyseemed like the next obvious step in his career. Having already hadsuch an amazing first-hand look into how the fashion industry works,Jaso then spent several years working on and refining his own signaturestyle that can now be seen in magazines around the world.

Still based in Paris, but being sent to all corners of the globe towork on various campaigns and shoots, he currently spends most of histime working for Italian Vogue.

With a passion for creating stories and a keen interest in allthings technical and aesthetic, Jaso creates carefully constructedimages that are strong and beautiful with a hint of quirkiness. By Brendan McKnight.

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