Office P – Kiev, Ukraine


Perhaps it is just a coincidence or maybe we are onto something. This peachy-pink colour seems to be popping up everywhere. What astonishes us is the fact that we don’t find it unpleasant.


In this case, the peachy colour is the key redeeming feature of an 88 square-meter (950 square-foot) office space in Kiev, Ukraine.


Designed by Kiev-based architect Emil Dervish, Office P, also in Kiev, is otherwise totally neutral and unassuming. And although the pinky hue climbs from floor to ceiling and even onto the exposed air conditioning, it is still not bothering us.


Dervish has managed to keep the colour in a nice balance against the concrete grey and the sharp black furniture. We also like the round accents in the ceiling and table light fixtures, side tables and some of the chairs.


We’d describe the overall feel as airy and calm. Not something we ever expected to say about anything involving pastel peachy pink. Tuija Seipell.



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