New CJ Hendry Artworks – Helium Balloon Series

We are excited to announce that CJ Hendry is working on another super-cool, exclusive series of hand-drawn images: The Alphabet!
Never one to take the easy way out, she has chosen to draw shiny, metallic helium balloons.

Drawing anything with just a pen is tough enough – impossible formost of us – but to draw massive photographic images of reflective 3D objects is incredible!
But in her typical low-key fashion, CJ Hendry says she decided to create the alphabet series from a set of shiny balloons because she ‘;just likes the mirror effect and the reflection of the balloons, but mostly because it’s just fun!’;

Only one image of each letter will be available plus two special characters: $ (dollar sign) and & (ampersand).
She has just started drawing the images and half of them are already sold! If you are interested, contact us;
Framed size: 90cm x 90cm. CJ Hendry is exclusively represented by thecoolhunter


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