Nanan Patiserie, Wroclaw, Poland

nanan3Every sweet tooth in Wroclaw, Poland, can now stay in home territory if they wish to indulge in eclairs, macaroons, fantastic mini-cakes and other sweet delicacies.

nanan2 Former pastry chef, food blogger and photographer, Justyna Kawiak, has applied her formidable talents to co-founding Nanan Patisserie (Cukiernia Nanan) at Kotlarska 32 in Wroclaw.


According to Polish food writers, locals have had to travel to Odette, Lukullus or Deseao in Warsaw, Umam in Gdansk or Gallery of Artistic Cakes in Krakow to satisfy their seriously sophisticated sweet palates and visual foodie needs. But not any more.


What makes the 14-seat Nanan additionally appealing is its branding and design, all handiwork of Wroclaw-based BUCK STUDIO, founded by architects Dominika and Pawel Buck.


Because the entire project – from concept and branding (visuals, staff outfits, signage, naming, packaging) to interior, furniture and fixtures design, and kitchen and workflow design– has come from BUCK STUDIO in cooperation with the Nanan partners, the concept hangs together so beautifully.


The marshmallow interiors, pink velvet sofas, curving forms, shiny brass, marble tops and chevroned oak floors all fit in. The oblong stadium shape repeats in the logo, doorways, counters and lighting fixtures, giving the space a coherent, soft, retro ambiance.


We suspect that it did not hurt this project that Dominica Buck, in addition to studying architecture and design in Wroclaw and London, also finished postgraduate studies in Food Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in in Łódz, Poland. Tuija Seipell

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