A Wapping Good Time

The Wapping Project is the brainchild of acclaimed theatre director,Jules Wright. Based in London’s too-cool-for-school east end, it has been at the forefront of this cities renowned contemporary arts scene since way back in 1984, and things are still going strong.
Housed on the banks of the Thames in the Wapping Hydraulic PowerStation – which once generated hydraulic power for Central London, this is more than simply an arts company. The Wapping Project combines restaurant Wapping Food, which, like a perfectly choreographed dance sequence, flows it’s way through the Engine and Turbine Houses.

Looking something akin to a Vitra catalogue shoot, guests dine amongst the gorgeous original brickwork, heavy duty machinery and of course art, making this for a very unique dining experience.
To achieve a perfect combination between art and food, much like it’s and picked art’s programme, the Chefs are also commissioned by Wright,propping this to be one of London’s most novel and exceptional restaurants.
With a menu that changes daily, an in-house butchery and a quirky,internationally applauded art’s agenda, a visit to both Wapping Food and The Wapping Project is always going to be a memorable affair. By Brendan McKnight.

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