MUD Residence, Oud-Heverlee, Belgium

When Sophie and Frank De Jonghe were given the opportunity to buy their neighbour’s property, they didn’t hesitate even for a moment. Initially, they intended to use the cute 1960s villa as a guest-house for their friends and family but the project grew and expanded and is now MUD Residence, a rental property offered for holiday retreats for up to four people.

The cottage is located in the green village of Oud-Heverlee at the edge of Heverlee Forest and Meerdaal Woods. The area is part of the province of Flemish Brabant between lively historic Leuven Leuven and cosmopolitan Brussels.

From the outside MUD Residence does indeed seem rather cute but after the extensive renovation the property is now a modern, minimalistic and spacious.

The owners developed the design with interior designer Andy Kerstens who not only reconfigured the existing floor plan completely but also designed a steel-and-glass extension to extend the living room and connect it more directly to the garden.

Natural materials and subdued hues create a harmonious and timeless backdrop for the vintage and classic design furniture and decorative objects selected by the owners and the designer.

Our favourite part of the renovation is the smart use of flagstones both inside and out. The flagstones add a sense of history while also creating another connecting element between the house and the garden.

The landscaping was completed by Out-Haverlee-based Filip Butaye . Tuija Seipell 

Images by Piet-Albert Goethals

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