Mother and Daughter Artist – Michele Deiters and Bibi van der Velden

Dutch artists, mother and daughter Michèle Deiters and Bibi van der Velden, have created a series of sculptures that demand a double take. Their new partnership, Bibi Michèle, combines van der Velden’s conceptual vision with Deiters’s sculptural talents. The resulting pieces of art seem both new and timeless. The reflecting surfaces of the bold human-head sculptures incorporate the texture and light of the surroundings, and ask the viewer to participate.
The viewers can also see themselves reflected back from the sculptures which evokes a feel of conversation and communication. According to the artists, the viewer is an essential ingredient in the art by contributing emotion.


Weightlessness and an eerie out-of-placeness characterize the powerful pieces that are the duo’s first main body of work as a team. – Tuija Seipell


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