MLA House – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Located in Jardim Paulistano, one of the most affluent districts of the 11-million-resident city of São Paulo, Brazil, this house has all the makings of a dream home.

With the total built area of 1.490,00 square meters (approx 16,038 sq.ft) the sheer size of the three-storey structure is impressive. It could also mean that the space appears to be more like a cavernous, art gallery-like showroom and less like a home.

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But, in their typical fashion, Brazil’s own favourite architectural wonders at Jacobsen Arquitetura have managed to conjure up a sense of a residence.


It is not with cozy or homey touches but with the proportions, materials and openness to nature that this structure becomes a home. And a home that belongs in its surroundings. 


The building has all of the characteristics of a Jacobsen residence. It uses rich, dark local wood slats extensively in ceilings, floors and window shutters. The same colour of wood repeats in the furniture.


The visual language is angular with no rounded features, arches or other softening main elements. And although concrete and stone are used prominently, this house does not appear cold or hard.

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They key element, of course, is the incredible lushness of the surroundings. The extensive use of glass, as well as the generous use of indoor plants and vegetation, make this a true tropical home without any of the cliches that might go with that expression.


We also love the sense of drama that comes from the long wooden bridges or walkways, the enormous windows and the double-height living and dining area. – Tuija Seipell.

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