Minimalist Watches


Wrist watches are no longer needed to tell time. Most of us have several devices on us that play that role. One might have imagined that this would lead to the death of the watch, yet the opposite is true. Now that the watch is predominantly a time-telling bracelet, it has a heightened role as a status symbol, an investment piece, and above all, an expression of an individual’s style and preferences.



Minimalism and pared-down elegance ooze from this masculine wrist watch that has a flat but substantial profile and a car-tire vibe. There’s an intriguing sense of not just speed and power, but also calm, architectural precision, especially in the white-face version.



It’s a 40mm Chronograph Watch made of a black IP stainless steel case and 20mm leather band. It has 3 sub-dials; the left sub-dial is a stopwatch measuring time in minutes with the center sub-dial measuring time in seconds and the third sub-dial measuring time in 24 hour increments.


It is also available with a black IP stainless steel case, black dial and white printing; the opposite of the watch you see pictured here. Available online here 


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