Luxury Residence And Private Hotel, Haitang Bay, China


It is tough not to end up elbow-deep in clichés as we attempt to describe this residence that feels like a work of art itself.

Located in Haitang Bay, Sanya, in Hainan Province, China, the building is a combination of an opulent holiday home, a gallery for exquisite art, a small private luxury resort hotel, and above all an example of unparalleled harmony in design and architecture.


Designed by Rui Zhao and his team at V2 Design Co., (Chinese only website) based in Guangzhou, China, the project started in atypical circumstances.

When Zhao was called to the project, the building had already been partially constructed. V2’s task then was to complete the building project, and create and oversee the exterior and interior design aspects.


The house consists of 12 rooms in total including the common areas for dining and entertainment.

The total project area of 7,300 m² (77,500 sq. ft) gave the design team a vast canvas that they filled with neutral tones and natural, earthy materials and textures. guan6

The overall impression is that of serenity and harmony. And although massive wood beams, concrete structural elements and natural stone features are prominently presented and visible, they do not generate tired brutalist undertones or evoke a sense of bulk or weight.

guan2 The long overhang alongside the pool shades residents from the sun, and above, the glass-framed deck area is perfect for large parties and gatherings such as weddings.

The trees lining the outdoor area frame the house and the views from within, while a few strategically placed almost leafless trees have a sculptural presence by the poolside. guan

Inside, tranquility and coherence dominate even the public areas creating serene, almost chapel-like nooks, cozy seating areas, impressive viewing locations, inviting dining areas and light-filled hallways.

Every area, including the private bedrooms, is adorned with art, especially sculpture, and every detail from door handles to lighting fixtures supports the same overarching visual tone of balance and graceful calm. –  Tuija Seipell.



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