Lupins Mountain – Jared Chambers

Even in phone-screen size, this image of a tranquil field of lupins in the volcanic moonscape of Iceland looks incredibly beautiful.

Blown up to oversize poster proportions, the same view is absolutely mesmerizing with its magical sense of undisturbed, cool silence.
In Lupins Mountain, in a dramatic contrast to the other image we feature by him – Chasing Epic – photographer Jared Chambers shows off his ability to capture different moods perfectly.

As a decorative centerpiece, Lupins Mountain works in an amazing variety of interiors. In a soft pastel-toned environment, it adds to the feel of tranquility yet holds its own as a center of attention rather than fading into the background.

In more dramatic and stark surroundings, it adds a surprising contrast of colour and softness, while also exuding strength, power and drama.

Limited Edition of 50

From our shop

Lupins Mountain - Jared Chambers - $1100

Limited Edition of 50 Printed on Fine Art Rag paper – 100% cotton fibre based paper made to high quality archival standards Acid and Lingin free pH buffered 340 gsm

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