L’Odysse De Cartier – Epic 3 Minute Commercial


‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ which premiered worldwide on March 5th is a three and a half minute film celebrating the jewellery house’s 165 years of history.
According to the Telegraph, Cartier UK’s executive chairman Arnaud M. Bamberger said at a preview at Cartier’s London HQ: ‘This project has been treated like a real movie, we wanted the best special effects, a big director, an incredible model and props to intertwine with our incredible history.’
The stunningly dramatic film follows the brand’s iconic panther on a worldwide journey from St. Petersburg to China, India and Paris. L’Odyssée’s 110-member team was directed by advertising film director Bruno Aveillan. The original score was composed by Pierre Adenot. – Bill Tikos

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