Limited-Edition Eden Motorcycle


There are motorcycles and there’s jewellery. The Limited-edition Eden motorcycle falls somewhere in between.

For even those of us who cannot claim to have ever even ridden a motorcycle, these beauties are a wonder. Only nine units are produced by Ho-Chi-Minh (or Saigon), Vietnam-based Bandit Nine (Bandit9).

Available in champagne gold or chrome plating over steel unibody, the Eden comes with such incredible details as Titan headlights with gold trim, black marble gas cap, cognac-colour leather seat and sculptured exhaust.

We love the gold colouring and the detailing in this unit that camouflages a Honda Supersport 125cc engine in sheer sophistication.

In fact, we are imagining this jewel poised elegantly in a living room or an office as it is almost too beautiful for road use.

It is sexily naked and skeletal yet stunningly complete. We’d say that a rider on top of it would just spoil the perfect view.

But we do understand if some of you just cannot help yourselves and, after having paid the $11,000 US bill and shipping and waited for a long time, you end up taking this beauty on a spring-day maiden ride. Tuija Seipell.

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