LA Quinta, California, Vacation Residence


We love the harmonious proportions and the balance of form and colour of this La Quinta, California, single-family vacation house.


Our favourite features are the views from the inside and the way the house sits on its site when viewed from various directions from the outside. 


When you are indoors, each massive window frames a perfectly proportioned setting. Each tree, each stone, each variation of the hot-climate vegetation.

la-quinta2When you approach the house from any direction, it appears to be part of a still life. It is so perfectly set into its site and so beautifully framed by the trees, stones, slight elevations and stairs.


Los Angeles and San Francisco-based Marmol Radziner was in charge of creating this 6,500 square-foot (604 square meter) single-family vacation residence that overlooks a golf course with the San Jacinto mountains in the background.


With its limestone flooring and bleached-teak ceilings, the house’s colour scheme echoes that of the surrounding area. 


The slatted overhangs filter the fierce sunlight and create beautiful patterns on the walkways. These patterns accentuate the forms of the building itself.


Founded in 1989 by architects Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner, managing principal and design principal, respectively, Marmol Radziner is a design-build firm. It is involved in architecture, restoration, construction, landscape design and interior design, and is  known even for jewelry, housewares and furniture design. 


Their best-known restoration projects in Palm Springs include the 1946 Richard Neutra-designed Kaufmann House they restored in 1998 and the 1961 E. Stewart Williams-designed Edward Harris Pavilion (Architecture and Design Center) they completed in 2014.  Tuija Seipell.

Photography by Roger Davies

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