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Great interior design isn’t just limited to private homes, the retailworld, hotels and public spaces such as art galleries. Smart employersare realizing that a creative workspace inspires greater productivityand…you guessed it, creativity. Since we first identified this trendlast year, we’ve seen many more great examples – so much so that we’vedecided to launch a whole newsection on creative work environments around the globe. Like this greatspace designed for KULT offices,locatedin a former school atop Mount Sophia in Singapore, the inspiration forthis PR and advertising agency was to return to the uncertainty andexcitement of the classroom laboratory. Remember the fascinating hoursspent in the school lab – setting fire to stuff, cutting slimy things,peering into microscopes, sniffing foul liquids, adding just a littlebit more of that to this to see what happens? Kult staff step intotheir office through a large cut in the wall, which creates another-worldly effect as they leave reality behind every morning. Acentral island work-space is illuminated by a spectacular, suspendedlight ceiling. This techno element is balanced by the ubiquitous viewsof nature, delivered by windows situated above each desktop along theentire length of the office’s walls. A contrasting color scheme ofblack and white brings it all together creating a modern space thatblends harmoniously with the natural environment.

We’re so inspired by cool creative office design that we’re going tomake thesubject of our next book: The World’s Coolest Creatives Offices; thesecond in aseries which kicked off on The World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms, this week.If you know of such a cool creative environment please send us a tip. By Lisa Evans.

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