Kaiseki Restaurant Tsukimi, New York, USA


We like many things about the new kaiseki restaurant Tsukimi just opened in Manhattan’s East Village in the basement space previously occupied by Dieci.

The elegant use of wood, arches and mirrors, and the scarce use of materials and colours are obvious visual delights.


But what strikes us even more is the magical illusion of privacy in this open, bar-like, 14-seat concept. In the enviable way of each-item-in-its-designated-space that the Japanese master so well in their interior design and packaging, each diner is given his or her ‘slot’ with the help of the mirrored arches behind each seat and the below-counter individual shelves on the server side. Compact, sophisticated and functional.


Tsukimi was designed by Dumbo, Brooklyn-based Studio Tack known for its cool restaurant and hotel projects. The bravest of them is their ownership and restoration from complete ruin of the 12-room Brentwood Hotel at New York’s famous Saratoga race course.


Tsukimi, named after the Japanese mid-autumn harvest celebration and moon festival, offers the kaiseki-style 11-course dinner this summer at one 2.5-hour sitting. After Labor Day, two sittings per evening are expected.

Tsukimi’s owners are  executive chef Takanori Akiyama and business partner Karen Lin, both known, for example, for Japanese restaurant and cocktail bars SakaMai and Bar Moga in New York. Tuija Seipell.


Address: 228 East Tenth Street

Photographer: Read McKendree


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