Is That Really A Car Park?

Great, aesthetically pleasing design needn’t be limited to traditional architectural forms such as houses and public buildings.

Utilitarian spaces, such as car parks, present architects and designers with a unique opportunity to bring beauty and harmony to the everyday functional spaces that are normally ignored by great design minds.

We’re excited to report that the tide is changing, evidenced by these good-looking car parks.

Modern design is all about “experience” and these car parks pictured acknowledge that one’s experience of a private or public place begins the minute they pull up in their car. Innovative developers and designers are recognising just how crucial this is – it’s almost too late by the time the consumer arrives at the front door. The “experience” of good design starts well before that.

These samples demonstrate how luminous exteriors, bold graphics and neon bright lighting all work here to create a space that is breathing, achieving the previously unachievable – giving tonnes of drab, purely functional concrete a sense of life. – Lisa Evans

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Images via TCH Platinum

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