Into The Forest II – Jan Lenhardt

German-based photographer Jan Lenhardt often seeks nature as the subject of his work. In this piece, we’re again plunged into the depths of the forest, enveloped in its foliage, shrouded in a light mist hanging under the canopy, and concealed in another realm.

In this composition, a diffusely lit path beckons as darkened trunks bolt and twist from the ground like ribbons of moss-covered wood. Sheathed in the forest’s quiet embrace, we feel its protection from the world beyond its limits. We feel invited to be lost in its disorienting heart, to lose ourselves willingly, to shed notions of time and simply surrender to its grandeur, marvel at its harmony and feel awe for a creation we take no part in perpetuating.

The photographer strives to remind us of this instinctive affinity with nature, an innate bond to a larger sphere beyond our everyday world.

Print available exclusively here: Also Into the Forest I

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