InKids with Linefriends Playground, Beijing, China


IinKids with Linefriends is a 880 square-metre (approx. 9,500 sq.ft) children’s indoor playground in the Beijing Yintai Centre in 01 luxury shopping mall.

It is a fresh and startlingly white playground created by the developers and operators of the mall, Beijing Yusheng Yintai Business Management Co.Ltd, and Line Friends Images of Korea.


The Linefriends characters include, for example Brown bear, Cony bunny, Jessica cat, Leonard frog and Pangyo panda plus many other human and animal caricatures. 

The shopping centre has launched several cross-brand projects that focus on sports and parenting. InKids with Linefriends Playground is one of the latter.


The developer’s design department worked with Linefriends Images with a forest and ocean theme with the focus on the concept of “enjoying the world under your feet.”


Under the children’s feet are suspended nets, curving staircases and slides, padded fabric puddles, bouncing pads, climbing hills, ball lakes and soft and hard floor surfaces.

The colour white, natural wood and softly curving forms calm the space down and allow the Linefriend characters to stand out.


Linefriends is a multi-segment company that started as sticker characters in the Line mobile messenger application with 220 users globally, mainly in Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the U.S.

INKIDS3Linefriends has previously collaborated, for example, with Lamy, Uniqlo, L’occitane, Samsung, Swarovski and Moleskine. 


The Beijing Yintai Centre in01 shopping mall with its Armani, Victoria’s Secret, Panerai, Bottega Veneta, Cartier and about 50 other high-end stores. is located at the foot of Beijing’s Yintai Centre that also includes three skyscrapers with offices, a Park Hyatt hotel and Park Hyatt Penthouses, said to be the most expensive apartments in Beijing. Tuija Seipell.


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