Indoor Spa

‘Simon, Tahiti sounds nice!’. At first sight, it reminds you of the Imperial Leather T.V ad from the early 80’s, where the family (along with a baby duck) are bathing in their spa on a jet. This is about fifty times cooler!
The new Seaside from Italian Spa maestros Teuco takes the indoor spa to a whole new level. What is great about the Seaside is not only the way it looks, but the ideology behind it. Named after the four elements, the Seaside’s features are as follows. Water: The illuminated waterfall flows in a ribbon of light Air: The delicate blower disperses millions of tiny bubbles Earth: The seating area is raised and enjoys a gentle intrusion of subtle waves
Fire: The underwater light and temperature controlled heater keeps the spa cosy in colder climates.
Aside from these fundamental elements, you would be hard pressed finding a spa that is more seamless in its design and more luxurious in its form.Come on in, the water is fine! by Lisa Evans

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