Hubba Thailand – Co working & Artisan Space, Bangkok

sms9Hubba-to is Southeast Asia’s newest co-working and creative space located in the new Habbito Mall in a residential area of Ornnuch, Bangkok.


At 989 square meters (10,645 sq.ft.) it is also the largest co-working environment in Southeast Asia.


Habbito is a massive shopping centre, the first of its kind for developer Sansiri who together with Hubba Thailand set out to create not just shared spaces for working but also well-equipped studios for creative people.


There are seven fully equipped artisan workshop studios including a dark room for photography, wearable arts room for fashion designers, ceramic room for pottery, woodworking room, screening room for film and photography as well as lectures and seminars, and a “marker space” fully equipped with digital tools such as laser-cutting machines and 3D printers.


The space is open for 24 hours a day, and the goal of the developer and partners is to create a true creative hub, and to boost the development of Thailand’s design and creative fields.


The design of the entire Hubba-to project was entrusted to Bangkok’s own Supermachine whose work we have featured numerous times before.


Supermachine’s team lead, architect Yupadee Suvisith, with Pitupong Chaowakul, created a cohesive environment by using a few simple ideas, mainly colour and the utility pipes.


Instead of hiding the pipes, the designers emphasized them with a bright turquoise colour. They then allowed the pipes’ shape and ever-present connecting and joining function to become the one unifying décor theme.


It is a theme that is nicely on brand with Hubba-to’s goals to become gathering place for Bangkok’s creatives. Tuija Seipell.


Photography: Wison Tungthunya


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