Grecian Neon

grecianneon3The iconic imagery of ancient Greece and Rome still maintains its influence on the modern imagination. Appropriated and reinvented through the millennia in Western art and beyond, these neon fixtures echo the classical ideal of beauty in a different medium. 


Deified by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Antinous was immortalised in marble the length and breadth of the empire. His cultic statues which survived the destruction of ensuing centuries remain extraordinary examples of melancholic youthful beauty. Based on the colossal figure of Antinous housed in the Vatican Museums, this 2D neon work reinvents Antinous in glass and white light, perpetuating his image in a new and modern setting.


Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, has been the muse of great artists since time immemorial. Her image has been chiseled into rock or painted onto canvass in an array of beguiling scenes by the likes of Praxiteles to Botticelli to Rubens. Her legacy in art is incomparable as the most represented figure in all classical mythology. Her likeness is once more reborn in this installation piece, illuminated in brightly glowing neon light.   



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