We thought we’d covered the best in our Kool Kids Spaces, but out come the Danes with a school that makes us (almost) want to go back to elementary school.

In Lego-bright contrast to the gloomy fate H.C. Andersen prescribed to his original Little Mermaid (that would be death, no less), today’s blond little school-going Danes are encouraged to do the sort of things for which some of us got spanked.

Visual artists have created a school with fascinating interiors that feature high window seating for watching the world outside; green platforms with round, red holes where discussions can buzz and bubble, and large upholstered tubes where kids can hide with a good book or spend some time alone. You can do that at school? Unfortunately, only in Denmark.

Do you know of a kindergarten, school or university that would merit a showing on the Cool Hunter? Let us know!
by Tuija Seipell

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