The Mini Mokes was perhaps the most loved sun buggy of the 60’s, 70’s and even the 80’s. What sealed its success was the simple lack of doors. The convenience of jumping in and out of a car without opening doors and then the added bonus of driving around topless made it very appealing.
Today, riding on that success,Fiat have created the Fiat Jolly Panda. Although it sounds like aJapanese game show, this car is a successful remake of all the things that made the Moke a hit. The FJP was first launched over summer where it was used to ferry VIP’s on the island of Capri.

With the interiors created by Italian design co. Paolo Lenti who specializein the use of innovative fabrics, the FJP looks stylishly sixties fromwithin. On the outside, the car has been designed with nontoxicand UV ray resistant materials, centered around a simple structuraldesign which makes the car appear almost seamless. It’s simplicity isits beauty, with an added element of fun throughout the design. by Andy G

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