In an attempt to revolutionise the process of car design, David Hilton, founder of Motorcity Europe,along with C2P Automotive, created the MC1 Supercar in just threemonths. Hilton, who spent much of the formative part of his careerworking for Ford, believes the MC1 will be production-ready by 2011, ifhe finds the right client. Presently, the mid-engine, V10-poweredsupercar has no set identity or branding. We’re willing to bet arecognisable logo will soon sit neatly within its grill.
By quickly translating computer-based design into engineering,Motorcity Europe achieved a radically different approach to supercardesign in regard to its proportions and manufacturing processes. Whilecertain aspects of the exterior appear entirely futuristic from nearlyevery angle, the MC1 looks like one of those cars we always dreamed wecould afford. Fortunately, all anyone can see right now is the outside& the interior will be ready this spring. By Andrew J Wiener

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