Ferrari 612 Scaglietti One-to-One Program

We’ve often wondered how certain high-end brands manage to maintaintheir global exclusivity specially as the number of millionaires andbillionaires continues to skyrocket. Drive down prominent streets inBeverly Hills, Dubai, London and you’re certain to pass more than ahandful designer Italian and German sportscars. Chances are the valetparker at your local Ritz Carlton will have sat behind the steeringwheel of cars totaling more money than most of us could only dream ofmaking in a lifetime.
Thankfully the expert minds at Ferrari have devised a plan nearlyguaranteeing you’ll have a difficult time parallel parking between thesame Ferraris your neighbours are driving around town. Ferraricustomers are undoubtedly accustomed to getting what they want out oftheir cars, but now the ability to add personalisation has becomeparamount – and here’s all you need to know:

Book a trip to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy where you willmeet with a consultant in a special dedicated atelier area. Rivaling a personal fitting by Valentino for the Oscars, yourconsultant will welcome you to the new One-To-One PersonalisationProgram where you will design your own Ferrari 612 Scaglietti,accessory by accessory, detail by detail.
The front-engined rear-wheel drive flagship Ferrari 612 Scaglietti isthe only two-door four-seater in the line. The 612 is available withFerrari’s SuperFast gearbox that allows a driver to shift the paddleshifters located on the steering column in an astonishing 100milliseconds. Whilst shiftting away, the V12 is capable of reaching topspeed of 320 kph.

The new model comes complete with an electrochromic panoramic roof thatcovers the length of the top of the cabin. With a turn of a knob, theentire ceiling changes from opaque to translucent, instantly adjustingthe level of sunlight that may penetrate the interior.
OK, so we’ll admit that Ferraris are not quite as common as we makethem sound, but we’re also sure it’s refreshing for some of you to knowthat with the assistance of a personal design consultant, you can soonbe cruising the streets in a truly unique Ferrari. By Andrew J Wiener

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