Danish Ripple Effect in Zaragoza

The team behind the Danish pavilion at the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain consists of three Copenhagen-based firms – architects Spektrum Arkitekter, graphic agency Loop Associates and communications agency 2+1.
TheDanish pavilion houses C’rculos de Agua (Circles in the Water), anexhibition about sustainable living and lasting solutions that echoesthe World Expo 2008 theme of water and sustainability. C’rculos de Aguahighlights Danish technologies that have started out small yet have thepotential to affect global change. The underlying message is thateverything we do spreads like ripples through water. The pavilion willbe used again at the COP15 Copenhagen – United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009.

The pavilion consists of five cylinders with five themes. The WindCylinder explains how the tiny country of Denmark with only fivemillion inhabitants has become a leading supplier of wind powertechnologies. The Water Cylinder explores the planning of cities tocope with rising water levels and the extreme climate of the future.The Daylight Cylinder showcase natural light as a vehicle for bothstyle and sustainability. The Biomass Cylinder extols the virtues ofbio fuels produced from harvest waste. The Restaurant & ShopCylinder, dedicated to creativity, showcases the latest in Danishdesign and crafts. The World Expo runs till September 14, so it’s nottoo late to see it. – Tuija Seipell.

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