Daniel Buren – Child’s Play Exhibition, Naples


If you are in Naples this summer, check out the Madre contemporary art museum’s, Child’s Play, created by the 77-year-old French artist Daniel Buren. DANIEL1

Buren, known for his use of bold stripes in his installations, cooperated in this work with French architect Patrick Bouchain.

As his inspiration Buren used the ideas of Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), the German pedagogue who created the concept – and word – of kindergarten. DANIEL2

A large room on the museum’s first floor is now a colourful miniature city where the guests, adults and kids alike, can walk and play and interact with the many shapes.

The installation aims to celebrate the relationship between the museum the institution and its guests, the community.


We love the intriguing vistas, the complete lack of text or explanation, the honest openness of the invitation to enter, explore and play . – Tuija Seipell. DANIEL4

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