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Crystal Cordless Lamps


LED-lights have come a long way from the initial, ugly units emitting a dead light. Now we are seeing sophisticated restaurants, hotels, stores and homes use small, stylish LED lights to romance a table setting or to create startling illumination. 

Our cordless, solid-glass lights are hand-crafted in Japan. They’ve become the cool individual table light of choice sought-after by leading-edge restaurants and hotels.


Each of the three models creates a different feel and reflects light in a different way and each has three brightness levels.

Another benefit over candles or small lamps is that these function perfectly on patios, terraces, balconies and outdoor tables, as a breeze won’t extinquish or topple them over, and they are also waterproof.

And of course restaurateurs will love the fact that these won’t make a mess, start a fire or need constant care. 


While being small in size the lamps still generate dramatic and powerful illumination making them the ideal candle replacement and perfectly suited to any refined table setting or restaurant environment. Available here


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