Classroom Of The Future

To many of us it seems like advancements in technology are moving at anextremely accelerated pace, but to those who are following in ourfootsteps, the rate of change could not be fast enough. For some schoolchildren in Camden outside of London, Gollifer Langston’s prototype transportable Classrooms of the Future will deliverinformation and communication technology (ICT) on a flatbed truck inthe form of an oblong gray pod capable of providing a sufficient ICTfacility that many schools are unable to install within their ownenvironments.
The mobile classroom will move from school toschool, and is designed to hold 15 students at a time. Once the pod isdelivered, a set of hydraulics expands the unit wider, and creates anentrance as well as a stage and a small-cinema-sized screen forpresentations and performances. The work space will provide mainlyhigh school students a place to explore music and filmmaking. TheClassroom of the Future will have capabilities of adapting foradditional needs as technology races beyond what even the nextgeneration can predict. By Andrew J Wiener

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