CJ’s Hendry’s 50 Foods in 50 Days Series On Hermes Plates

Solitary confinement, food, high end design, prisoners on death-row, final meals, twenty-four hours, and fifty days. It sounds like the subplot for a quirky action film yet instead it’s actually an artistic collision of the senses, represented through beautiful one-of-a-kind hand drawn art.

’50 foods in 50 days’ is CJ Hendry’s newest collection and it’s a bold endeavour for an artist who continues to deliver the unexpected.
At first glance it is French designer plates and mouth-watering foods.
However, the collection is so much more than just an exploration of food, high-end design and art. It is revolutionary in the sense of how art is made and exhibited.
For 50 days straight a new edition is released every 24 hours, via Cj’s instagram account. (cj_hendry)

Time has placed zero artistic boundaries on quality. The fact that each piece is completed in a 24 hour time frame is truly amazing.
Engrained in each work is CJ’s trademark attention to detail; which magnifies the beautiful micro qualities of items which usually go by unnoticed and unappreciated.
Every single piece draws the viewer in and wrestles with their senses.
Each small line, shade or tone is purposeful and amounts to a final image which pleases the eye and stays true to the incredibly difficult style of art that is photo realism.

The realness of each piece can bring about a reminiscence of a time or place in which a food held personal significance.
It’s art that appeals to your eyes, your mind and your tastebuds. It is a multi-sensory attack which has inspired and formed the basis for a unique exhibition experience.
Hendry will never conform to the confines of a traditional art gallery.
No boring white walls, cheap boxed wine and lack of genuine character. It’s a completely bespoke experience which speaks true to the art.


Simply put, it is food on really fancy plates. And thus the exhibition space will become a luxury gourmet food store that blends the art in with a selection of olive oils, chocolates, teas and other gourmet goods.

Contextually it’s a far more relevant way of connecting art lovers with art and it adds a theatrical element to the art viewing experience.
Gallery goers become far more immersed in what the art means rather than standing back at a distance and wondering.
From the manner in which the works are made, to how they are displayed, it truly is a unique collection.
Even the initial concept behind the collection is far from normal. In fact, it is riddled with irony.

What began with the question ‘if you were a death-row prisoner, what would your final meal be?’, resulted in CJ being confined to a room for 50 days straight. Jailed by her own artistic ambitions in order to complete the ambitious task at hand.
Honouring her appreciation for the finer things in life, CJ took this idea to another level. Deciding that should she ever find herself in this very unfortunate predicament, she’d want her final meal to be served on the luxury of a Hermes plate.

This was the birth of ’50 foods in 50 days’ and so far 48 of the 50 artworks have already been sold. – David Mousa.

CJ’s Melbourne exhibition is expected to be a completely different experience to her highly successful Sydney show in Dec, 2014. It opens March 27 in Melbourne and will be active for three weeks. In the mean time for those who want a taste of the collection visit CJ’s Instagram page @cj_hendry and for purchasing enquiries [email protected]

A New York show is planned for Summer 2015. Cj Hendry is exclusively represented by thecoolhunter.

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