City Loft G, Antwerp, Belgium


A city crash pad for a busy internationally travelling bachelor. It could be tempting for a designer to go overboard with an opportunity such as this.


But when Antwerp-based designer Arjaan De Feyter received an assignment to create a quiet retreat from the busy city life, he knew a restrained approach was the only way to go.

The 106 square-metre (1,140 sq. ft) loft apartment includes a living room with fireplace, a master bedroom and bathroom, a guest bedroom, and open kitchen, storage room and an additional bathroom.


Charcoal-tinted oak, black steel and the chevron-patterned floor create a feel of elegance and minimalist opulence.


But the best feature of the minimal material and colour palette is the brown veined stone. It is simply gorgeous. It is somehow both unexpected and totally fitting for the space.


We especially love it that the exact same rich, brown colour does not appear anywhere else in the apartment. The designer has avoided what we call the cushion-and-drape syndrome where there seems to be an irresistible temptation to match something with something and the last-ditch resort are the drapery and cushions.


The elegant restraint gives this loft the feel of relaxation and calm, as requested by the client.  – Tuija Seipell.cityloft7

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