Casa Mais Linda, Condomínio Terras de São José, Brazil


Casa Mais Linda (Most Beautiful House) is located in the historic municipality of Itu, about 100 kilometres west of the city of  São Paulo in Brazil. casamais2


More specifically, the residence is part of Condomínio Terras de São José, one of Brazil’s first and foremost urban residential areas. Established in 1975 and known for is extensive green areas and bird sanctuaries, the area now includes more than 700 residences that benefit from 24-hour security, 20 tennis courts, stables for 50 horses, three football fields, a helipad, a chapel and a golf course. casa_mais4



Predictably, architecture and design firm Leo Romano, based in Goiânia in central Brazil, took all of the characteristics of the location into their plans for Casa Mais Linda – so named by the happy clients. casa_mais


With the subtropical climate of southeastern Brazil, the surrounding nature and gardens have embraced the house nicely, and it now looks fully established on its gently sloping lot, only about a year after completion. With its concrete slanting roof and stilts, the structure has a slightly retro, sculptural appearance.


The L-shaped compound seems both solid and light. The raw concrete roof structure gives it a masculine, monumental and solid feel while the concrete “feet” lift the weight of the house up from the ground and give it a sense of lightness.


To add to the sense of lightness, the external walls between the concrete roof and floor are broken up with transparent glass segments, a bright yellow kitchen sector, and dark wood panelling.

The various external materials also echo the division of the rooms with the bedrooms, kitchen, living room and gym in the topmost part, and the service functions, such as garage, storage, laundry and staff quarters in the bottom part. Terraces, balconies, walkways and the pool area join harmoniously with the indoor spaces.   


The total built area of the residence is 1,100 square metres (1,840 sq.ft) yet the clever layout and use of materials hide the size well. From the inside, views of the surrounding nature are the key feature with the sliding panels of wood and glass helping bring the outdoors in. Tuija Seipell



Images Salvador Cordaro



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